Top LinkedIn: August 2012

August 2012

by David Bargmann

I feel fortunate to work in an industry filled with experienced providers willing to offer advice and seek opinions to improve business processes and share vital information aimed at stimulating group discussions. This is a summary of the most stimulating discussions between providers and consultants in LinkedIn Groups through August.

Industry Discussions
Group: HME Business News

Doug Hudiburg, VP Marketing & Sales of Colorado-based CareTouch, posted a thought-provoking multi-national sleep study involving nearly 50,000 participants aged 50 and older in under-examined regions. Over a 30-day period, researchers assessed the quality of sleep among participants in relation to their social demographic data, including income, education levels, and partnership status. The results showed that in developing nations, nearly 17% of the populations suffered from sleep issues.

Rick Clerici, Corporate Sleep Consultant, commented how hereditary influences, poverty/lack of education, aging, anxiety and depression are major factors in determining sleep disorders in the developing nations. He pointed out, however, at 17%, this study shows those with sleep disorders are actually fewer than industrialized nations.

While the data sample is certainly large (50,000), more research is needed to understand sleep. Either way, it will continue to be a high growth area for both manufactures and providers.

Group: DME Billing & Consulting

Rick Puckett, Owner of North Carolina-based Life Source Medical, was looking for help in a familiar area—prepayment audits for diabetic supplies. Mr. Puckett demonstrated, even supplying the requested documentation, claims went to redetermination at an alarming rate.
Roni Pidcock, VP at billing company QHS Health, expressed frustration at going all the way to the ALJ, even though sufficient paperwork proving medical necessity existed at prior levels down.

Rita Burnett of R&R Billing & Consulting provided valuable information about the Jurisdiction D DME MAC Medical Review Department completing a complex review of HCPCS code A4253 (Blood glucose test or reagent strips for home blood glucose monitor, per 50 strips) and the resulting edit effectiveness from September 2011 through February 2012 can be found here.

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