Education & Training

HMG offers a wide variety of education seminars to our clients. Our seminars can take place at your location, via telephone conference, or webinar. All our education seminars are individually priced based upon topic, location and length of seminar. Our most popular training topics:

Internal Evaluation

• Work Flow Assessment: Conduct your own evaluation & analyze results
• 5 Daily Reports every DME should run: Filters to apply, results to look for to improve employee performance
• Internal Reporting for DME success: Set up daily, weekly & monthly reporting, analyze results
• Establish your own Quality Assurance Auditor: tasks, reports, analysis, planning improvements
• Look under the hood: 6 questions you should be asking your DME managers every week
• Customize a compliance plan for any HME business: Set up internal policy and procedures

Internal System

• Optimal Intake Tasks: establish a proven standard for intake, how to read data trends in nightly reports
• Quickly receive paperwork from referral sources


• Deal with audits head on: Have an organized plan in place and take action
• Documentation you really need to survive an audit
• Audits and appeals overview
• Details of audits and appeals for the DME pro