Audit Services Overview

Even though audits are a regular part of business, they don’t have to be painful! The Audit Team at Harrington Management Group takes a pro-active approach – ready for Medicare inquiries before receiving notice.

HMG reviews internal manuals, policies, procedures, and patient files. A complete evaluation of your system allows The Audit Team to recommend improvements. Implement the HMG intake system and set the groundwork for smooth audits.

• Review your intake work flow and processes for best practices to ensure you are getting the right documentation at the right time

• Execute internal quality assurance chart audits to see how your files match up to Medicare requirements

• Develop an individualized quality assurance maintenance program to ensure you continue to meet Medicare requirements, catching problems as soon as they arise

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12 Month Maintenance Program
HMG provides internal quality assurance auditing, governmental audit response and consulting services to you for a 12 month period.

Services include:
A total of 25 “patient audits” per month. The “patient audits” may be either HMG’s preparation of an audit response for a government audit, HMG’s performance of a qualify assurance audit on randomly selected patients, or a combination of both. For example, in one month you may request HMG to prepare, draft and respond to 15 pre or post-payment audits received, and also request HMG to perform 10 internal audits of the patient files.

2 ½ hours of consulting services per month. HMG tracks all consulting time spent in ten minute increments and provides a monthly tracking of consulting services. These services include, but are not limited to, telephone calls, research, conferences, written memos, etc. Any unused consulting time is not forwarded to the subsequent month. Consulting services exceeding the included 2 ½ hours will be provided at a discounted rate of $125 per hour.

A 50% discount on HMG’s On-Site Review

On-Site Review for Pre-Audit Protection
HMG provides a detailed analysis of your internal processes through a comprehensive 3 full-day on-site review of your intake process through billing and collection.

During the standard 3-day site visit, HMG performs the following services:
An overview of the general policies and procedures ranging from sales/marketing to intake, delivery, inventory control, and collections.

A detailed, comprehensive review of the intake process of 2 product lines (product lines selected in advance), including random audits of patient files

A detailed review of your medical necessity and documentation requirements for the 2 product lines

A review of your quality assurance processes and internal audit processes

A review of the billing and collection process, with specific attention to patients receiving products from the identified product lines being reviewed

o A review of your audit history and results
o A review of your denial rates and appeal efforts/results

HMG provides a detailed post review analysis which may include such items as written and verbal recommendations, example template documents and example policies and procedures.

After completion of the on-site review and your implementation of necessary changes, HMG randomly audits 25 patient files to determine your compliance with billing/medical necessity standards. The audits are general performed within 45 to 60 days after HMG has made its recommendations.